Privacy Policy

Effective Date: November 2020


Welcome to this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), which describes how we handle your personal information in relation to your purchase of our health product through our website. This Policy describes the personal information we collect, their uses, disclosures, security, and other related actions.

This Policy, the website, and the products sold through it are provided to you (and other users) by Taap Innovation Company Limited (herein as “TAAP” or “we” or “us” or “our”). You are required to review this Policy (along with our other agreements and policies) and consent to them. By submitting personal information to us; by purchasing our products through this website; by accessing this website; and by ticking the applicable consent box when you order, you consent to how we handle your personal information, as described hereunder. If that is not the case, then you may not interact with TAAP through this website.


When you offer to purchase our products through this website, we may collect the following personal information under the following categories:

  • The Personal Information You Submit: We may collect your full name, phone number, email address, and credit card information when you offer to purchase our products. You may submit this information – upon our request – when you provide us with your (i) account registration details, (ii) shipping information, (iii) billing information, and (iv) order specific information during the checkout process. You are under no obligation to provide this information to us; however, failure to do so will prevent us from providing you with the products you require.
  • The Personal Information and other information we collect automatically:  We may use certain third party tools and cookies to collect certain personal information and non-personal information automatically when you visit this website. For example, we may use Google Analytics from Google Inc. and cookies to obtain a visitor’s browser IP Address, their duration on this website, the landing page or buttons they click, and other statistical or log information. Please, be aware that most of this information collected automatically does not reveal personal information. For example, statistical or log information does not reveal any personal information about a website visitor.


Any information collected from you (whether personal information or non-personal information) is used for the below purposes in relation to your use of this website and/or purchase of our health products:

  • Your full name and address are used to identify you, provide you with our services, and deliver your orders to the specified shipping address;
  • Your email address is used to communicate with you, including to confirm your orders, reply to your inquiries, send you our newsletters, market to you, notify you of updates or changes to our products, agreements, and policies, and reach out to you on other promotional materials.
  • Your credit card details help us process your payments for your purchases through this website and refund you when applicable.
  • IP address collection helps us pin-point your shipping address and comply with applicable laws;
  • Other information helps us to enforce our Terms and Conditions of Sale and other agreements; and
  • Certain information (especially those collected through cookies) helps us to market relevant products to you.


TAAP does not and will not share the personal information we collect from you under any other circumstances except for the ones described below:

Sharing with Third Party Service Providers: We may share personal information about you with the third party service providers we hire, such as our shipping partner, payment service provider, email sender, and analytics provider, to perform certain services for us. For example, when we need to process your credit/debit cards or PayPal for your payments, we may need to share your payment information with PayPal and/or GB Prime Pay (our payment service providers) to help process your payments on our behalf. Please, note that our third party service providers do not have our permission to use your information for any other purposes outside what they are hired for. You may send us a message at to request the list of third party service providers with who we have shared your information.

Sharing with other website users: If you submit content to us, such as reviews/feedback, we may display your content on the website for marketing purposes, and anyone who visits that part of the website will have access to your content, including the name and picture attached to such content.

Sharing with the Law: We may share personal information about you under the law, including in response to a court order, subpoena, or other legal summonses. We may share personal information about you if we believe it will protect our rights or property or those of a third party, including under investigations of fraud or any criminal activities in relation to our website and services.

Sharing with other companies under a Business Transfer: We may share personal information about you with any company we are involved with, including during a business sale, sale of assets, merger, acquisition, or consolidation.


TAAP and certain third party service providers use cookies (and other tracking technologies, such as beacons) when you access this website. Cookies are tiny pieces of data that are sent to your browser to obtain certain preferences and choices about you. Cookies do not hurt your browser or hard drive, nor do they carry bugs or worms. Cookies are used, among other things, to (i) store, remember, and process the products in your cart (ii) understand and save your preferences for future visits (iii) compile aggregate (statistical) data about website traffic and user interactions and introduce new tools so as to offer better user-experience.

Cookies may be of two durations: the session cookies that expire when you close a browsing session and persistent cookies that expire when the set date is up. While session cookies operate and expire when you finish browsing on this website, persistent cookies stay for longer, as they have a longer lifespan and expiry dates.

You have the right to block certain or all cookies from tracking certain preferences and choices on your browser. You may do this by using the help, tools, or settings of the applicable browser. Please, be aware that blocking cookies may not provide you with certain features. For example, if you block the cookie that helps us store and remember the products in your cart, you may not be able to store products in your cart.


We also use certain third party tools to track your activities and preferences for marketing purposes. We use third party tracking tools to carry out certain actions, such as to gather aggregate data, track user heatmap for conversions, and track user actions on our newsletters.

We use Google Analytics, a third party tracking tool from Google Inc. that helps us gather analytics about the traffic on the website. The information gathered by Google Analytics includes anonymous information about how long visitors stay on the website, the features they click, the part of the website they are on, and other traffic information. You may opt-out of Google Analytics tracking by installing the “Google Analytics Opt-out” Add-on on your browser.

We also use Instapage to help us with marketing campaigns and analytics. This third party tracking tool helps us track any click on our advert and direct the ad clicker to our landing page. Instapage does not reveal any personal information about the visitor.


TAAP cares about your privacy. TAAP will do everything humanly and technologically possible to safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, or use. We only share personal information about you as described under this Policy. Also, TAAP is integrated with SSL certificates, which help us encrypt all personal information transmitted by you through this website, especially your payment information and login information.

However, you are aware that no information security method is ever 100% secure – since new technologies are developed daily. This means that we do not guarantee you 100% security for any personal information shared with us. TAAP will not be liable if our database is breached by unauthorized third parties.


We may send a series of newsletters and other marketing communications, which may include offers, promotions, and bonuses on new products and services that we believe may interest you. Newsletters may be automatically sent to your account email address on certain occasions. However, you have the right to opt-out of newsletters by using the instructions for opting out at the bottom of any newsletter you receive from TAAP.


We retain the personal information submitted by purchasers on our database for as long as they do not request for deletion or termination of their user account. If you request the deletion of any personal information, we will do so in accordance with applicable law. To the extent the law permits, certain information may remain on our database even after your request for deletion (for example, where we are required under applicable law to keep records of transactions).

For information obtained from cookies and customized audiences: they will remain on our database for as long as 12 months before they are automatically deleted.


This website and health product sales services are operated and provided to you from our base of operation in the United States. By submitting personal information to us from your location, you are aware that it will be transferred to us in the United States and used in accordance with this Policy and any applicable privacy laws.

Likewise, we may transfer personal information about you to third party service providers; who are based in other countries outside the United States. These third party service providers may process or handle personal information in accordance with the privacy laws in their location, which may not be as adequate as the laws in your location.  However, when we transfer personal information about you to third party service providers in a different country, we will ensure their privacy practices are as adequate as this Policy. They will only use personal information about you for no other purposes other than why they are hired.  


Under applicable privacy laws, you have certain rights in relation to how we handle personal information about you. For example, you have the right to access, edit, or update any personal information you have previously submitted to us. You may access and edit your information via your user account profile or send us a request to edit via

You also have the right to request the deletion of certain personal information about you. For example, you may decide to terminate your user account and delete any personal information you have on it. You may exercise this right by also using the delete button on your profile area or sending your request to

Please, be aware that the above rights are possible to the extent the applicable law permits. This means that we will not be able to delete or edit any personal information if it conflicts with certain laws. For example, we may be unable to delete any record of transactions to comply with applicable law. Also, we do not have any control over the personal information we transfer to any third party service providers. If we delete personal information on our database, we are not responsible for the ones we have shared with our third party service providers.


Although the products offered through this website may be available to persons below 18 years of age, we do not permit anyone below 18 years of age (or the legal age in your location) to submit personal information to us. This means that you may not directly order from us if you do not meet the required age under applicable law. However, you may submit personal information to us if at least a parent or legal guardian supervises your use of this website. By submitting personal information to us and ordering our products through this website, you represent to us that you have the capacity to do so.


The website may contain links and content that belongs to third parties, including our business partners, sponsors, and other affiliates. These content or links are not governed by this Policy, neither do we warrant that your submission of personal information when you access a link through this website will be governed by our privacy practices. Any third party links or content you access from this website is at your own risk. We will not be liable for any loss of privacy incurred from any third party link or content. We advise that you review their privacy policies before submitting personal information to them.


We may review and update this Policy at any time with or without notice and without incurring any liability. We may review and update this Policy for reasons such as changes to applicable privacy laws, our method of handling your information, or any feature on this website. Any updates made to this Policy will be effective when we change the Effective Date above. You are required to review this Policy anytime you intend to purchase from us. By your continued use of this website after any updates to this Policy, it constitutes your consent to the updates.


If you have any question or complaints regarding this Policy, our products, any agreements and policies available on this website, and the handling of your personal information, please reach out to TAAP via the below contact information:

Taap Innovation Company Limited