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Success Stories

What a Joint!

I can't say enough about this product. After trying several different products with less-than-hoped-for results. After reading about the patented Curcumin and adding it to to my regimen for a month, my joints started improving further. The soreness is now relieved and I can move freely. I'm 63 and had knee pain and weakness which caused mobility problems for a few years, and it was worsening.

I still have some mobility problems, but taking this product has allowed me to get around the house and take my dogs out into the yard once again much more easily and with no aches or discomfort! I highly recommend this supplement!



Verified Buyer

Joint Reliever!

I had tried everything for my severe hip and knee discomfort: daily leg strengthening with weights , yoga (20+ years of practice), hot packs, cold packs, walking, and a half dozen supplements. Pain kept me awake all night; dressing in the morning took forever; driving a car was excruciating; walking around the house hurt with every step. I was beginning to understand why people have joint replacement surgery.

I took my first Cartiact capsules a couple of months ago, following instructions to take it after meal. That night, no ache. The ENTIRE next day, no ache. I was astounded! I've take it every day in the weeks since, and have had no discomfort, day or night. The only exception was the one night I took another capsule by mistake, and I had discomfort all night and all the next day.

I no longer take other supplements or use heat or ice. I'll be a pain-free 59 in a few days. Thank you, Cartiact.



Verified Buyer