How a Desperate Housewife Used Prebiotics to Relieve an Uncomfortable and Embarrassing Problem

May 29, 2023

by Nina


It’s good for digestion, right?

In fact, eating lots of fibrous foods—especially high-FMAP foods such as beans and asparagus—can make digestive problems even worse.

Eating a load of broccoli can cause bloating and gas.

28-year-old Mary Ross from Huntsville, Alabama found this out for herself—not through studying scientific literature, but through her own experience and experimentation.

After giving birth to twin boys, Mary managed to do something all new mothers dream about—she lost all her baby weight.

But even though the number on the scale was good, the mirror told a different story.

Hot Flashes

Night Sweats

Mood Swings


Low Energy


Poor sleep

Itchy Skin

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“I’ve always been a size six, but I had this protruding belly. So even though I lost weight everywhere else, I still looked skinny-fat.”

To add insult to injury, Mary suffered from skin blemishes. “I thought maybe the acne was caused by hormone imbalances from the pregnancy, but 1 year after the birth I still had pimples all over.”

That might be normal for a teenager but not for a woman nearing 30.

But even skin inflammation and a distended belly were not the main problems for Mary.

“Constipation kept me on the toilet too long. Obviously, I couldn’t leave my boys alone for a long time. I tried leaving the bathroom door ajar so I could see them in the living room and make sure they didn’t put toys in their mouths.”

Mary worried about the long term-effects of her digestive issues: “I talked with my husband about me going back to work when the children were old enough to go to kindergarten. But I didn’t think any boss would like his employee spending half the workday in the bathroom.”

Hyper-Hydration as a Cure?

Mary read that drinking lots of water could clear up her skin and help ‘flush the system’ out to improve digestion.

“I started filling up a 2-liter bottle of water every morning. I drank two of those every day for a month.

It didn’t help. “It just made me pee more. I wanted to spend less time on the toilet, not more.”

Then Mary Turned Green

“I had always heard that fiber relieves constipation. So at every meal time I filled my plate with asparagus, kale and broccoli. Eating so many greens made the stomach bloating worse and gave me gas.”

Skin problems and constipation were death for Mary’s social confidence. “Being a housewife, I was lucky because I didn’t have to go out much. When I did, I wore a ton of makeup. I didn’t dare visit anybody’s house because I knew I would be stuck in the bathroom. Forget about going out to eat with my husband or with my friends. I had trouble digesting everything on the menu. And if I left the table and was in the bathroom for 20 minutes, everybody would know my problem.”

Being home with the kids and staking out the nearest bathroom was the ideal lifestyle for Mary. But she knew she couldn’t live that way long term. “I wanted my freedom back. And I wanted the painful digestion and passing of hard stools to go away.”

Mary was so desperate for relief she turned to oral laxatives. “I tried them a couple of times. They did work. My toilet time was less painful, but the acne was still there.”

Success and some hope. But Mary didn’t want a quick fix. “I knew I was just treating the symptoms. I didn’t want that. I wanted a holistic solution. I wanted to treat the cause.”

Suffering in Silence

Mary didn’t have anyone to talk to. “I spend my day with children and cartoon characters. I was too embarrassed to talk to my doctor or to friends about constipation. People feel more comfortable talking about their sex lives or how much money they earn than about what they do on the toilet.”

So Mary started to search online: “I was spending lots of time on the toilet so I did lots of searching on my phone. The internet is great because people can talk about their problems anonymously. Obviously, you have to be skeptical about all the claims out there. But if I see something that has a lot of positive reviews, I feel like I will regret it if I don’t give it a shot.”

Mary found B-Well after seeing it had more than 80,000 likes on Facebook. “It was exactly what I was looking for—a natural solution.” 

B-Well is a 100% Natural Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

“I read the list of ingredients—I’m really cautious about stuff like that. It had Flaxseed, Green Tea, Alfalfa, Aloe Vera—all good stuff. All things I recognized. Many prescription pills have ingredients I can’t even pronounce. That always makes me wary to take them.”

“I saw that B-Well had over 10,000 5* reviews. I think I read at least half of them. It was so great to hear from other people who were going through the same pain.”

Many took advantage of B-Well’s introductory offer of 15% off the first order.

“I ordered using PayPal on their website and a few days later I had a 30-day supply ready to try out. What I liked about it was how easy it was to take. All I had to do was mix it with 150ml of water once a day. It took less than 30 seconds a day. And unlike the laxative I tried, it tasted great. B-Well tastes like fruit juice.”

B-Well comes in a grape flavor and contains 100% natural ingredients. It’s a safe and gentle cure for constipation and bloating. Unlike a laxative or suppository, B-Well stops constipation by improving digestion. It may even help clear up skin problems and reduce weight gain.

It certainly did for Mary: “My skin is getting better every week. I have a nice flat stomach now. I have a bowel movement at least every other day. I can relax more and sit comfortably for longer.”

Mary has started going out occasionally to eat and has made friends with other new mothers.

“I used to like foods, but they didn’t like me back. Now the foods like me—digesting food is so much easier now.”

Speaking of easy, Mary is still drinking B-Well every day—even though most of her symptoms have disappeared: “It’s easier to keep taking it than to stop. I just mix one pack with a glass of water once a day and enjoy. It’s so simple. I didn’t want a counter full of supplement bottles or a medicine cabinet overflowing with prescription medications.”

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What B-Well Customers Are Saying

  Sally · a day ago

Menopause Relief!!!

“I love it! I no longer have night sweats so I sleep much better. My hot flashes are very minimal and they are not as strong. Helps control irritability and mood swings. I highly recommend this to women who do not want to take hormone medication for menopause.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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  Carol · a day ago

Second box

I started taking this for mood swings and I totally recommend it! I would go from calm to furious in seconds/not me at all. This is my second box and I swear by it. My night sweats have improved but are not gone. I notice no difference in pain but that was not an issue to begin with. I will purchase again for sure!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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  Shannon · 2 days ago

works as promised

I have been using Hervita since 2019. This product works! I don't have hot flashes, night sweats or bad moods.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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  Gracie · 3 days ago

This saved my life.

I’ve been through 6 years of crappy menopause, but this stuff really was a lifesaver. It says to take 2 pills a day, but I squeaked by ok with 1. You need to take it for a week or 2 for the full effect. Lifesaver!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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  Tammy · 5 days ago

Improved life quality.

Add me to the list of people that this has helped tremendously. I was having 1 to 2 hot flashes and *hour* and waking up drenched in sweat 5 to 6 times a night before I started taking Hervita. This started to work in just a few days and I've got my life back. I've been taking it for three months now with no side effects. So glad to avoid HRT!

Yes, I recommend this product.

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  Jan · 6 days ago


I can definitely tell it works. Night sweats have been eliminated and my irregular monthly cycle has consistently gotten better over the last two months.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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