How I Used “Herbal Blend” To Naturally Relieve My 10 Years of Knee Discomfort...At 59 Years Old

After battling with knee and joint problem for nearly ten years, I came across this herbal remedy and thought "why not give it a try."

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By Michael J.

June 15, 2021

I remember when I was first diagnosed with swelling and tenderness of my joint, I had no idea the day-to-day rollercoaster I’d be on…

  • How I worry I’ll never get back on track.
  • How frustrating it is to feel the aches and think “what did I do wrong?”
  • How annoying it feels to monitor everything I do, get my stretch everyday, less walking to avoid knee rubbing, and STILL have my knee out of whack.

The most frustrating thing about my Knee problem is: it doesn’t react the same every day.

It seems like everything is going well, then in one second, everything changes…

The way you live your life becomes nothing like it was before the moment of your diagnosis.

It felt so unfair:

  • The crushing joint soreness and stiffness that freezes my hips and prevents me from walking long distance…
  • I have no family history of Knee problem

And when you get diagnosed it changes everything. 

At first the soreness was manageable with these treatment… But it gradually got worse to the point where I could not sleep at night.

It’s exhausting, and really makes your days less enjoyable.

Now, I’ll admit… I’ve made some big, expensive mistakes on my path getting my knee fixed.


Listen— I’ve tried anything and everything to eliminate my joint discomfort and aches, including…

  • Taking a variety of different supplements and etc.
  • Following every piece of “advice” I found on the internet.
  • Doing all the massage and stretch.

And still, it wasn’t working. I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and give up.

I was starting to feel desperate…to the point that I was at now… unable to do what I loved, in constant knee soreness, that wouldn’t let me even get out of bed.

Then one day a friend told me about a herbal blend called CartiACT.

It’s supposed to help improve joint discomfort. And I thought: could a herb actually help me?

What is this herbal blend?

CartiACT has put undenatured type II (UC II) collagen at the core of its patented formula

UC-II® enhances synovial fluid around the joints. Synovial fluid is like squirting oil around a door hinge—it keeps your joints moving smoothly and without squeaking. 

In addition to the patented form of collagen, CartiACT contains another clinically-tested and proven ingredients: The Patented Curcumin called Qminflex® that helps relief from knee soreness and aches.

So I figured "what the heck, I have tried almost every other solution."

When I first heard of CartiACT, I was willing to try anything natural.

If it doesn’t make a difference on my of aches and discomfort, then at least I’d know for sure.

And after reading countless 5-star reviews, I felt so hopeful…

Plus there is a 60-day money back guarantee, so I figured, why not?

The verdict? CartiACT Works! And it’s so easy to add to my daily routine.

I felt the swelling and “frozen” feeling in my knees and hips was receding…

I could stand up and only feel a “slight” soreness in my knee and hips (which was a HUGE improvement compared to before)

And when I woke up, I felt more energetic than ever!

‍Over the next few days the pain in my hips was really improving…

A‍nd the best part? It really felt like these herb “relieved” my soreness and stiffness joint!

It’s such a relief that I don’t have to search for a different solution.

Now, I’m enjoying life again with a lot more money! I finally feel back in control of my health!

I now look forward to it every day…

Plus since it’s natural, I usually take it every day.

Aside from noticing that it helps with my erratic joint stiffness and soreness, I also noticed…

I don’t feel on edge at every moment making sure I don’t do anything to jeopardize my knee. It makes my day more at peace…

  • Some days, I look back and can’t believe how long I let my condition take control of my life.

  • Especially when you’ve already tried so many solutions.

I’m so glad I decided to try it. Even though I felt a little nervous at first. 

It’s a big decision to pay for something you’re not sure is going to work.

But it turns out I didn’t need to worry about that…

There’s no risk trying CartiACT

Their 60-day money-back guarantee meant I didn’t have to worry about losing my money.

It’s a no-brainer with the 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if there were any reason I didn’t like it, I’d get a refund.

It’s such a relief to knee soreness with CartiACT.

No more worries about: Will I ever get control of it? There’s just relief that I can live my life freely every day.

‍So if you’re interested, I recommend getting some for you and your family today. ‍

Just click the button below to get yours!

See what other CartiACT customers have to say ​

Nancy · a day ago


Good Product!

I'm 43 but already have knee discomfort. My knee get very sore after I exercise, I'm not one to sit around and let something take me down! After taking Cartiact, I can already feel some improvement! I will put this on subscribe and save so I don't run out!

Verified Buyer

Ben · a day ago


Yes! I recommend...

Cartiact is a fantastic product! I exercise daily, and I do have knee discomfort. Lots of popping and just basic stiffness. Dosage recommendation is 2 a day, but actually I take one at night. Never took in the morning, so I'm not sure how well this would work on an empty stomach etc but I can tell a huge difference in the mobility of my joints. Less stiffness, a very lubricated feeling. If I miss a few days, I can tell.

Verified Buyer

Dan · 2 days ago​


Helps a lot

I've had knee issues for a long time to the point when I sit down and got up I could barely move. I was willing to try anything I could find to get better. I started using this and I was able to stop using it. It works! ...I got better. I still have knee problems but I am 60...I was 43 then. This product does the job!

Verified Buyer

Jane · 3 days ago​


Great Results

Definitely felt the difference, faster than I expected. Joints were stiff, feel much better now.

Verified Buyer

Michael · 4 days ago​


Good Deal

My wife said that her knee problem has eased after taking it, because the cold weather will make her feel sometimes knee ache when going downstairs, but so far this year, she said that she feels good and hopes to keep going.

Verified Buyer

Linsay · 6 days ago


A must for those long work shifts

I have tried these a few times before. I did notice an improvement in my knees especially. I quit them and in a few months noticed a lot more discomfort and tenderness. I started back and will not quit again. I work as a nurse and my shifts are 12+ hours. I am back to being able to work those shifts without extreme discomfort.

Verified Buyer

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